It’s not all about the money, it’s about the lifestyle!  Learn how you can make a great living online, starting from scratch!  

I have teamed up with a great digital education provider to be able to offer you the best digital training to start your own business online.  They offer fantastic support, flexible learning and a proven system which I can personally recommend as I have taken the course myself.

These coaches have helped their students and members earn more than $40 million dollars in commissions by following their proven steps to profiting online…

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Flexible Digital Marketing Training

Perfect for Mums as it can be learnt around your hectic life!

Whether you’re an existing business owner or an individual looking to create more lifestyle freedom, this education program gives you the business know-how to start from scratch or grow your business online.

It can be done flexibly around your family in easy-to-follow modules that are hands-on and fun. Each step clearly explains the actions needed to take your mindset and business venture to the next level.

Here are the five levels of training we can provide with my mentors, these are:

  • Affiliate Training
  • GOLD

Sequentially-designed as stepping stones to take you through the phases of starting a successful business, while leveraging the many tools available on the internet.  When you apply to join the Academy, you will be paired with mentors who ensure you have what it takes to move forward with your business.

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Affiliate Training

Earn commissions as you learn by promoting these products at the same time, this brings in an income to support you through your training which also creates hands-on learning.

The Affiliate training provides members with proven steps to earn money online.  It gives you a digital business system that includes all the marketing products, systems and support needed to succeed online as a Professional Affiliate Marketer. You can learn to Market anything to anyone, anywhere in the world whilst earning great commissions reselling the course too.



Through the SILVER Level, individuals gain the potential to become marketing consultants and transition into self-employment. Designed to teach you to make cash-flow online.

The SILVER program is designed for those new to the digital economy who would like to learn about the essentials of digital marketing. This program will teach students to become marketing consultants and help local businesses secure new customers through the use of internet and social media skills. Students leverage the most recent, cutting-edge online marketing strategies and solutions, enabling them to create full-time work for themselves


The PLATINUM Level enables individuals to transition from being digital marketers to becoming digital experts. Students have the benefits of creating a professional online brand identity through the personal brand incubator.

The PLATINUM program is designed to help your business come to life through the exclusive Personal Brand Incubator process. This aims to help you identify your true passion and purpose in life through the process of defining clear, succinct vision and mission statements. In addition, students will benefit from a professional online image with a word-mark logo and a Facebook profile picture – all with a custom colour scheme, look, and feel. This program also includes mentoring, workshops and webinars all designed to take your business to the next level.


Through the GOLD Level, individuals have the potential to earn a full-time income as a Certified Digital Marketer.

The GOLD program is designed to help its students in becoming financially independent digital marketers. This annual program gives ongoing weekly personal mentor training along with digital marketing workshops throughout the year. The event is limited to keep the event as interactive, intimate and impactful as possible. Earn Certificates


The BLACK Level enables individuals to learn to productise and commoditise their business and network with the industry elite. Included in this program is an annual mastermind retreat hosted by the founders in some fantastic exotic locations.

The BLACK program is the final stage in becoming a digital expert. Our students also have the opportunity to potentially partner and joint venture with the Academy, effectively leveraging the power of the vast distribution and affiliate publishing network. At this stage, our students are experts and are called upon as advisors to other students of the Academy


Take your first steps to becoming a digital expert and a Self Made Mum!

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Student Testimonials

These are other students who have been through the course and are out making a name for themselves now too!


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