I’m Louisa Gordon, Thanks for checking out my page!

My Vision

I strongly believe that Mums are a powerful work force that, given the right opportunities, can make their own living and support their family on their own terms.

I believe in enjoying the children while they are small whilst also taking this time to grow yourself too.  Grow with education and training so that when the time comes to return to work or start your own business, you are a stronger, more knowledgeable person, ready to take on the world!

I bring these opportunities to stay at home mums, to empower them, make them feel strong, independent and help them become financially secure women!

Don’t miss the children growing up!

More about me?

I have owned and run my own pilot services and light aircraft sales business with my husband since 2007.  The company is doing well and has taken us on great trips all round the world! My husband flies corporate jets while I sell the light aircraft from home so that I can still bring up the children.  I found balancing the new motherly life and work challenging at times, but do-able, but this is probably something all work form home mums face!

I have two children, and we live in a rural country village in West Berkshire, in South East England with my Husband, the Kiddywinks, a rabbit and 4 chickens!

Since the gorgeous Grace came along in 2014, I have made a bit more time to reflect on what is really important in life, and I really don’t think there is anything more important then family at the end of the day! I think it is important to build a strong bond with the children by being there for them, but it is equally important to keep your own life and financial security too.

I have taken this time to enjoy and adapt to being a mother and to embrace this new life chapter for personal growth too.  Instead of trying to push though and get back to business as quickly as I could, I have taken this time to educate myself, and bounce back far stronger and more knowledgeable then I was before I left.  I am now much more of an asset, I know so much more about so many aspects of business which i can apply to a range of opportunities.

Having taken this time to sharpen my axe and also re-skill, I have future proofed my career because I now have the new Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Strings to my bow! It is so empowering to know that no one can take this knowledge away from me, it will always be there to help me keep my freedom,  independence and financial security.

A New Chapter

On May 3rd 2017 at the age of 35, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It was the biggest wake-up call of my life, and nothing has been the same since!

I have a lot to offer, but my ever-present knack of seeing the best in people and always finding the positive in any situation is really what I want to share here. My mentor says, when life gives you a truckload of manure, find something good to grow out of it! Nothing grows better in manure than roses. This is my rose garden, I want to cultivate positivity, hope and health from this awful situation!

If I can simply raise awareness and give an idea of what is coming up for anyone who is newly diagnosed, or just bring some light to what was otherwise a dark day, then my job here is done!

I plan to laugh, learn and cook my way back to health; and from there live life to the full and do everything I have always wanted to do. Life is just too short not to!

Let’s kick this unscheduled chapter of life wide open, get through it and move on towards our healthy selves and thrive!!


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