5 Tips On Getting Through Chemotherapy

When getting through chemotherapy, there are a few things you can do when you are feeling at your best before you go into your next chemo cycle, that your post-chemo ‘heap of a self’ will thank you for!  Get everything out of the way that is going to be hard work and then you can focus on feeling better and not worry about too much while you’re not feeling so well! Of course, I’m sure you will have plenty of help around the house, but I feel bad relying on everyone to do everything all of the time, so I try to do as much as I can when I have the energy to do so!

Batch cook!

It takes no longer to cook a big meal, then it does a little meal, so you may as well just ‘cook big’ and then freeze a couple of meals to enjoy in the next couple of weeks. I find if I have something that is nutritious and lovely to eat in the freezer, I am then less likely to give into a takeaway.  This saves my body from bad takeaway meals and my pocket too!

When a recipe says it is for 6 people (and there are only 2 of us), I used to cut the recipe ingredients down to make it for 2. Now I cook the whole lot and split it into 3, one meal for us tonight and then 2 meals for the freezer for another day!

Take it out of the freezer the day before chemo and you will have it waiting for you after a long day at the hospital! To be honest, the few days after chemo I found I couldn’t taste much or hated food, so simple things like a good pizza from a supermarket was all I wanted! I just ate easy comfort food after going through chemo and then kicked the healthy food back in once taste came back.  Anything to just get through those first few days! I then used things in the Freezer while I waited for form my energy to return.

Book All Of Your Appointments

For me, I have the injection in my tummy for 7 days after chemo to bring the White blood cells back up (Filgrastin). They say I can do this myself but I really can’t bring myself to do it without gagging, fainting, or both!  So I go to the nurse at the doctor’s surgery every day for this. They need to be booked in advance so I get this out of the way early now.

If you have a PICC line it will need a dressing change every week and you need to let them take blood on the day before chemotherapy too so it’s best to sync this up with your chemo. I organise this to all be done every Wednesday as my chemo is every 3rd Thursday and it then goes together very well.

There are also so many appointments to go to, you get so many letters from the hospital for upcoming appointments.  What I really found a lifesaver when getting through chemotherapy, was a family calendar with pockets like this one.  I could then put the appointments up for all to see and keep the letters in the pocket ready for when I need them, rather losing them all over the house!  It kept the house tidy and me organised! One less thing to worry about!

Get The House Sorted

It sounds boring, but wash your sheets the day before chemotherapy so that you have a lovely fresh bed to come home and collapse in for the next few days! Tidy and clean the house as best you can so that it doesn’t need doing for a couple of weeks till you feel better.  It’s just one thing less to worry about and having a nice clean house makes you feel better when you are feeling rotten.

I have 2 small kids though, so it doesn’t last long anyway. It’s like shoveling the snow off a path while it’s still snowing heavily! I treated myself to the cordless Dyson to make vacuuming super easy. It really helps me stay on top of the house with minimum effort.  It’s also such a nifty gadget that my son and husband love to use it as its easy and fun! Bonus!

Get the finances straight

I got a few late payment stings on my credit card at the start of all this, they just weren’t on my mind when I was going through all of this! Now I make sure all payments are up today’s before chemotherapy so that they can be off my mind until the next month.

Do a big shop or get it delivered ready

There is nothing worse the feeling awful and tired, going to the kitchen and the cupboards are bare!  Again, get the house set up ready so you can just relax. Get the house full of food so that you have things you want to eat and you don’t have to go to the shops.  Having to go shopping would come a close second to having an empty fridge!  Get a shopping order delivered or get a big shop done before chemo. This means you can have a fridge full of healthy food and a nice pizza or something rather than relying on greasy or salty take always when you have nothing in the kitchen.

My Extra Post Chemo Top Tip

Drink loads of water!  The first few times I thought I shouldn’t flush the chemo out, as the doctors had only just put it in there!  I thought it made sense to let it kick around and do its thing for a while.  The doctors later said to flush it out by drinking lots, this helps your liver process it all.  I have to say, I feel a lot better this time around!







I’m a 35-year-old Mother of 2 young children, a business owner and now a Breast Cancer fighter to boot!  If I can shed just a little light on the path ahead for someone else going through Breast cancer, then this blog has done its job!  If some of my eternal optimism has pierced a dark place and brought some light to someone, or if some of my positivity has brushed off, inspired or empowered another in any way, then I will be one happy lady!

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