I used to wonder what keeps holding me back all the time?  I would try to do something but I would never quite manage to finish it.  I have unfinished stories, paintings, books and even thoughts!  Sometimes I can’t even finish a….

I am realising now that it is this little voice in my head that very quietly stops me and tries to keep me in my comfort zone. Now I am trying to get somewhere in life, the little voice has turned into a really not so little voice actually! 😀 I am on some personal growth training at the moment and it has brought my ego to my attention!  it turns out, I had the completely wrong idea of what an ego is.  I used to think it was only the cocky men that had one.

What keeps holding me back?

It turns out, I had the completely wrong idea of what an ego is.  I used to think it was only the cocky men that had one.  I am now learning more I am realising that women, of course, have egos too, if not bigger ones!  We just react in different ways to it.

We let it keep holding us back, stopping us from doing new things and from pushing that comfort zone.  It stops us from moving forward, stepping out of line, becoming successful and trying new things.  When we listen to that little voice that’s trying to keep us safe, it stops us from breaking free and becoming who we really could be. We need to take a step back, thank her for being there, but do what we need to do to move us forwards.

Take the ‘fear of the unknown’, for example, is a big one.  When we have an unknown situation coming up in our lives, our ego will play out all sorts of past experiences and fears to fill that gap.  It will do anything to stop you moving into that space, to hold you back and keep you “Safe”.   The thing is, we don’t know what fantastic things might be waiting for us on the other side!  It could be amazing! We don’t know! It’s unknown! But that ego chimes in and tries its best to keep us as safe as possible.

Manage Your Ego

Today, try listening to that voice, and when you hear it, stand tall, thank her for trying to keep you safe, sit her down in the corner and keep up the good work!  Be firm, se the voice for what it is, laught a bit and do what you need to get done to move foreward!  The things that we can be greatest at are on the other side of fear, follow that fear and you will break through and flourish!

What would I do if I was 10 times bolder?

Ask yourself, “what keeps holding me back?” and then “What would I do if I was 10 times bolder?” and the answer to this will tell you where to go next! Push through that fear and become who you are meant to be.  You can create the life you should be living, instead of the one you feel you have to be living.  You can decide to do this at any point.  Just Decide!

I couldn’t blog or stand and speak on a video before this, let alone market and bring a living in online!  I pushed through my fear and enrolled on the course and I’m so glad I did.   It has opened up new horizons and raised my confidence in places I didn’t even know it needed raising!  I only used to use my laptop for online shopping before this, what a waste! 😀

This course started a whole new chapter for me and has really helped me to spread my wings! This link will get you access to a 7-day video series showing you how to make a great living online doing something you love with my trainer Stuart.  Let me know what you think!    My Little Voice doesn’t hold me back anymore!


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