Today I wanted to give you a great way to set yourself apart from your competition and market your business for free!  How you can;

  • put yourself at the forefront of your customer’s minds,
  • build a relationship with them
  • set yourself up as an expert in their minds
  • in an area of Media that is growing super fast right now… It’s everywhere!

Im talking about video marketing!

I know it’s uncomfortable for us all to do because it means you’re putting yourself out there and getting in front of people in a way that you haven’t done before.

It really is the best way to do it though, this is why so few probably do it!  When people see a video of you on your Facebook page or your website, they start to get to know you.  There are a ton of snap judgments that people make without realising it, like;

  • how you dress and
  • how you look and
  • how you talk and
  • present yourself
  • what you know
  • how you know it

Things like that you just can’t get all these things that people need to see across in a website or a blog! All the time you’re just building up rapport, credibility and a relationship that stand the test of time.  Put out content that will help your customers by giving them tricks and tips on how to do things they need to do.

Give them things they will find of real use and value.  Then when they need you, if you’ve run your own garage for example, when your customer’s car goes bang they’ll come to you for help because they remember seeing that video that you talked about this happening in.  You spring to mind! It just helps put you in the forefront of their memory because you’re always there and you’re just building that relationship and rapport.

The Power Of Video For Connection

Then when they do finally pick up the phone and call you, they feel that they already know you because you’ve actually connected on a video.  It’s like if I went to town and I sat down next to the Harry Potter author JK Rowling. I would sort of see her and think, “wow, she looks a bit like JK Rowling!”  but I wouldn’t know her because she even though I read of all her books, she hasn’t connected with me.

But then if I saw some TV commercial actor like the loud “Go Compare” oprah singer, I’d be saying “Wow that’s the guy of the advert!” because I’ve connected with him.  I’ve seen him and it makes such a big difference!  Its the power of video and it’s getting so big these days! So it’s it’s a way to just connect better with potential clients.

How To Get Started?

HOW to do it is a bit trickier though!  It means stepping out of your comfort zone and really getting out there! The best way to exercise this, is to video yourself every day for the next 90 days!  It is important because you don’t see yourself talking! You don’t see how you communicate with other people, so you don’t know how you’re coming across.

If you do a video every day for the next 90 days and watch it back (you don’t have to publish it anywhere)  just watch yourself and how you are.  You will then see how you come across and you’ll soon become more comfortable on camera. You might soon see that you frown at the camera and get a line in your forehead sometimes and do strange things with your head!  No?  Just me then? 😀 Now that I have done regular videos I don’t do these things anymore! 😀  It will just break down that worry and trepidation!  If you can just get over yourself to get out there a bit you will amaze yourself!  You’ve got a message to get out there and it’s more important than the fears you are cooking up in your own mind!

It will just break down that worry and trepidation!  If you can just get over yourself to get out there a bit, you will amaze yourself!  You’ve got a message to get out there and it’s more important than the fears you are cooking up in your own mind!

Focus On Great Content

If you’re putting out great content every day or a week, people are listening to the content and not watching you!  They will love it if it’s something that they resonate with and they value.  If it’s really helping them in what they need to do, you’ll just get right on top and it’ll be fantastic.

It will really help set you apart fro your competitors because who else is doing it in your industry right now? It’s actually right apart from everyone else and it’s just a great way to connect with your audience!  Even if others are doing it around you, they won’t do it the same way you do, only you can be you! 😀

Master Your Craft

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