“We are only ever one breath away from eternity”

Wow, aside from being slightly morbid, this quote really stopped me in my tracks!  It made me sit back and really think.  Do we have time to let these fears that we cook up in our own head, hold us back?  Do we have time NOT to be fulfilling out potential and living the best life we can create?

We are here for a mere blink of an eye, so we need to make our time here count!  Taking positive steps towards creating a life and a business that we love, little by little, will result in a fantastic life!

If we can overcome these fears we hold so dear, we would free ourselves to become anything! To live the life we really deserve and dream of!  Personally, I find it difficult to dream big, in case it never happens, I hate disappointment!  This though becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy! If I don’t dream it, of course it will never happen, so my small dreams of not much will indeed come true!

“Whether you thing you can or think you cant, youre right” Henry Ford

Let’s challenge this and start getting back to being the dreamers we were as children.  If we can build businesses and lives around our passions, and not be scared of getting out there, and going after our dreams, then we could have anything we want!

“What one thing would you dare to dream, if you knew you could not fail?” Brian Tracy

I wanted to build a life and business around my family so that I didn’t feel torn or stuck anymore. I don’t want to let any fears stop me.  I want to start getting somewhere with my life and take the shortest path possible.

With this digital world that is all around us, it is now possible to live, work and run a business from anywhere and around your family on your terms.  All you need is a system and to learn the new skills to leverage it in your favour! People are making an honest living doing it, and it’s nothing new or dodgy. It is being a middle man (or woman) for something you can be passionate about, that aligns with your values, allowing you to love what you do!

I know this will take a lot of work and will be a lot to learn, but it will be so worth it in the end! To do this, have signed up with some online entrepreneur trainers.  I needed help from someone who has already been there and whose experience I could use to get ahead faster.

I want to take this time to re-skill and really be able to really shine.  I am building a business I am passionate about where I can help others do the same. I don’t want to be waiting on the sidelines anymore.  Waiting till I’m old enough, waiting till the kids have grown up, waiting till I feel worthy enough, time slips by too fast for all of this. I’m done with waiting!

We shouldn’t be wishing our time away, or spending it doing things we hate to do because we just don’t know how much time we have! I am taking this time to reskill and learn how to build an online business now, to be able to leverage this on the internet and bring in an income around my family so that I can step out of my fears and live a fantastic life.

The fears that stop me came from the unknown.  I was really worried about starting a fresh business online.  I didn’t know anything about it at all, but now I have found myself some great trainers online, they have shown me everything I need to know in proven steps which I find easy to follow.  I wouldn’t be without them and they have helped me overcome my fears by showing me exactly how to do everything and being there when I needed support.

This Video Series started it all for me, I never looked at the internet in the same light again afterwards!  It is a free 7 Part Video Series teaching you how to start a simple and profitable online business starting from scratch! Check it out; we don’t know how long we have to build the life we deserve…