After you have read this short article, you will discover new ways of how to build a great business reputation that people actually remember you for! These days, it isn’t so much about what you so, but the way that you do it!! You see, your attitude how you get things done and energy rubs off on others, it’s contagious!

Break Through The Digital Indifference!

In these increasingly digital times, warmth and personality are becoming even more crucial!  The more digital we all become as individuals and companies, the more disconnected we become too.  We shop online, email, text and use social media instead of actually talking to friends now.  We are now becoming almost starved of real genuine human interaction and it is something that we crave! This is one reason video is becoming such an important thing for companies to master now, as it gives a personal touch in this sea of digital indifference, sets them apart and builds a great business reputation!

The truth about your reputation is that it is your warmth and energy that resonates with others on a deeper level.  It is about how you make them feel.  It lingers in their memory far longer than what you said or even sold!

“I can tell you that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is” Jim Carey

Do you ever remember having an argument with someone, but can’t even remember what it was about now?  You just remember the feeling the arguments left, and that is enough to never talk to that person again!  It’s the same thing, it’s the feeling you are left with that you remember!

Let Me Tell You A Story

I knew a Dentist who had his own practice, he had a male receptionist who was always laughing and joking with the customers.  My friend got so cross because he felt that the receptionist never did any work.  He was always joking around!  One day my friend had enough and fired the receptionist!  He got a more professional person in and all was quiet again.  Interestingly, my friend then saw the customers drop away.

You see, the customers actually came to them specifically to have a laugh and a joke with the first receptionist! Especially in such a stressful place as a dentist!  It was what they looked for, some banter and interaction; it stood that dentist out from everyone else! It was the feeling the customers left with after they had a good laugh there that kept them coming back!  Without him, the company lost its soul.

Get It Done!

Another great thing you can do to develop build a great business reputation is to Be known for getting the job done!  Go that extra mile.   If you can hungrily get done what you say you are going to do, this is a rare quality that others crave too!  If you can stick with the mantra “Do it now, Do it now” you will gain the enviable reputation of being the one to go to if you need something done!

When you get a job or task, take it upon yourself to do it as soon as possible, turn it around and get it back to them way before they expected it.  This will make you stand out way above everyone else and get you talked about!

Transformations Rather Than Transactions

Be kind and genuinely interested in the other person and how you can help them without them being able to repay you.  Look for how your business can create a transformation for the customer, rather than a transaction.  With this outlook, the money will swing back around to you as a by-product of adding value to others lives.

“Your income is a direct by-product of the value you are providing to the market” Stuart Ross

If you chase the money, you have your intention set all wrong and people feel it!  Set money as a by-product of happiness and you will come to the table with a completely different energy!!

Mirror Mirror

Your attitude and outlook serves as a mirror to what reflects back to you too.  If you are aggressive or sharp towards people, they are very likely to be the same towards you!  Build a great business reputation by being warm, genuine and eager to help others, and they will more than likely be the same to you too!  It is very difficult to be cross or horrid to someone who is genuinely lovely!

When people feel welcome, happy and leave you feeling great, they want to pass that feeling on.  They will be more likely to refer their friends to you and talk about you in a great way, building you a fantastic reputation.  There is nothing more powerful than real word of mouth recommendations.

Build A Great Business Reputation

As I say, your attitude and energy is contagious, be responsible about what you are passing on to others! People need this interaction more now than ever, and when they find it they love it! So take a step back and think about what you are passing on?

Getting the right reputation such an important part of any business, my mentors have taught me all about the right mindset for this and how to then blog and get my thoughts out there into the world which in turn grows my business!  It has been a really uplifting growth experience for me.

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