I am finding that as women, and especially mums, we are very adverse to risks!  I hear many fears of starting your own business. Why is this? What is actually holding us back?

There is that voice that comes through like:

  • What if I fail?
  • What will the neighbours say?
  • I don’t know enough about computers!
  • What if it’s a scam!?
  • I’m not good enough at it to start yet!

I have also done this post as a Video, so if you would prefer to watch, you can skip over to that here

It is such a shame that we don’t push our boundaries a little more.  I wonder if motherhood ends up giving our self-esteem a kicking sometimes.  We constantly worry about bringing up these little people, and when we aren’t worried we are feeling guilty!  This might then transpose onto other areas and makes us just feel we aren’t good enough sometimes.

Do your kids make it to the end of the day in one piece?

Are your kids healthy and happy?

Can you see a square foot of your carpet anywhere?

Then you’re doing great! 😀

Apparently, 33% of women avoid financial decisions from fear of making a mistake!  We will often take the financial path of “getting by” rather than getting rich, putting others ahead of us and opting for the “safe route”! Staying safe and fear of failure, is this really a reason to fear to start your own business?

Perceived constraints

We need to break through this!  Think of the massive elephant that allows herself to be tethered to this tiny peg in the ground!  As a baby she would have been tied to the same peg, but try as she might, she couldn’t move it when she was so small.  Now as a huge, powerful adult she remembers that the peg held her back before, so she won’t pull on it again because there is no use! What perceived constraints are holding you back? It might be a fear of a fear, the thing holding you back might be just a thought of something and nothing more!

Listen to the right voice!

There are 2 voices in our heads, the ego which is there to keep us safe.  The makeup of our brain is millions of years old.  The deep set ego is there to keep us safe, don’t get eaten by that tiger!  Now though, we don’t have real tigers to avoid, so we make up our own! That ego is just trying to keep us safe, bless it!

We need to drown that voice out sometimes and get down to the second voice, the inner compass, our intuitive little voice which guides us where we need to go.  As women, and especially mums, we are very intuitive.  If we can get over our fears and push the boundaries, even just a little at first, we might stumble upon something that unleashes us and allows us to break out and fulfill our potential!

Trust yourself, listen to that little voice and start by making little risks at first.  You can build up to bigger things as you go. Just face a small fear or do something you wouldn’t usually do!  Usually the thing that you could be greatest at, is usually the thing you are most scared of!  For me, that is singing!  I have a great voice!  But only my pet rabbit, the kids (and now the postman who caught me the other day) really know it!  It’s tragic really.  What one thing would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Beat the fears of starting your own business!

I can’t think of anything riskier than not investing in yourself, getting the knowledge to do something you love and going for it!  No one can ever take the knowledge and skills that you have learned away from you.  Your knowledge is the most powerful thing you can ever own.  If you lose everything tomorrow, you could build it all back up with the knowledge and network you have built because it is all between your ears!  You will always be able to support yourself and your family with useful and applicable skills.

“What if I fail?  Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” Eric Hansen.

So go on, go push some small boundaries and build up to grabbing that bull by the horns!  I have been doing this myself, like putting videos on YouTube!  Aargh! Scary!  I have recently enlisted a mentor to help me build up my business, confidence and knowledge so that I can progress faster.  They have held my hand all the way so taking my business and starting another from scratch doesn’t feel quite so scary anymore.   This is a business I would really recommend if you are dreading going back to the 9 to 5 after the kids go back to school too!

I still won’t stand up on stage and sing though… not yet anyway! 😀


P.S Don’t let your fears hold you back, here is a link to my mentors.  If you want to progress in a safer way, look them up! They are so experienced and can help you conquer your fears of starting your own business!