How To Get More Done In Less Time! Break The Law!

Today I want to talk about breaking the law! No not that law! Parkinsons Law!

This law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

This means that if you have 6 hours to clean the house, you will probably take 6 hours!  Whereas when you get that phone call from someone saying they will be round in 10 minutes, oh my gosh!  How much can you get done in that time?

Get more done by giving yourself less time

If you can break this law of Parkinson’s, you can start taking control of your time back.  So get more done by giving yourself less time, which sounds really strange but give yourself a deadline and with that, you can challenge yourself and get more done.

Set the clock!

It’s been proven that we zone out at about 50 minutes. So if you are working on something, or learning something new, go get your kitchen timer and set it to 50 minutes.  It will give you that time to really get everything done within that time and then when it goes off, get up and move around and have a cup of tea and come back to it.  You’ll get a lot more done in that time.

Another way I use is to unplug my laptop!  And then use the battery life as my deadline! It doesn’t last that long so if I am writing a blog or something, I can see the battery life draining away.  I don’t allow myself to plug it back in again so it really gives me an urgency and I get it done!  That’s the really important thing.

Parkinson’s Effect on Money

The interesting thing, though, is that Parkinson’s law also applies to your finances.  Have you ever noticed that we always seem to spend what you earn maybe even a bit more?

So here the law means your expenditure expands to fit your income.  Whatever you are earning, you will normally spend, every time… Unless you break the law!

How Can You Break This Law?

So the important part here is to be aware of this law, and consciously start to break it.  If you can break this law here, this is where you can start making that transition into being able to save money as well.  Very important!  Do this by taking the savings if you can work it out (I did a video on that here ) do that and put it away first!  Put it away First!  If you wait until the end of the month to put it away, guess what, Parkinson will have taken care of it and it will be gone!

So with this, you will have already started to save that money and break that law.  Spend whatever is left, but you have already saved it some, even if it only £10, and that will start to make all the difference!

Knowing that Parkinsons Law is out there working all the time, knowing that you can break that law makes a big difference to how you can go about your time and your money.

So tip of the day, break the law!  Learn to leverage your time and money better so that you are running it, instead of the other way around! Comment Below, I would love to hear more from you, what have you tried?


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