Blogging is a great way to promote your own business, let people have a few insights about what you do or it could be another income stream.  You can make really good money from it, but you have to start blogging the right way!

If you are looking for a full-time or side income the answer might be at your fingertips right now! It is staring you in the face as you look at this screen!  Harness the internet, learn how to leverage it and you could be financially secure forever.  It’s a bit of an art, but once you learn the skills they are yours to keep and use.  No one can take them away from you!

1. Start blogging the right way

Open a WordPresss account for free to put your blog on at and get started, it’s really simple! Start with a great topic that you can talk about all day.  If you went out with your friends, what would you happily talk their ear off all night about?  That is what you will be best at blogging about because it’s where your fire and energy is!

2. Purpose and Audience

Now think about your purpose of the blog, is it to promote a product or business or to be entertaining?  You really need to drill down to who you are writing to, who is your audience?

  • Who is that actual person you are talking to?
  • Why would they be reading your blog?
  • What would they have searched for to get to your blog?
  • Where does your audience hang out online?
  • Are you solving a problem?

These questions lead you to the keywords you should be including in your blog so that it can actually be found and ranked.  Some bloggers say not to aim your blog at keywords, but if you want it to be found and ranked, it is important.  If you have a good topic, the keywords will all fall into place naturally anyway.  Once you have a good following you might be able to drop the keywords.

3. Long tail keywords/phrases

If you are aiming your blog at just a single keyword, you probably won’t get on that crucial first page of Google because there is so much competition.  Let’s face it, who goes further than the first few pages of Google?  The trick is to get a whole sentence that is being searched for called a long tail keyword.  E.g “what is the best bar to visit in London?” This is a more specific search that the reader will be putting in and you will have a lot less competition so your blog will rank better!

The secret is to find popular keyword phrase, but not too popular.  Use the google keyword tool that is in the Google Analytics account.  Once you have chosen your long tail keyword, put it into the google search engine inside speech marks like this “start blogging the right way” and look at the little gray number at the top under your search box (as pictured).  You want it to be 30,000 or less so that you don’t have major competition and you will be able to rise to the top faster!

start blogging the right way

For Google to rank your blog post, you need to put your Keyword phrase in the title, first paragraph, last line and scatter it throughout the blog.  Google will rank it better if you have it in Bold, Italics, heading  1,2 and 3.  I find this very tricky to do without being too obvious!  Can you spot my keyword phrase for this blog?

4. Make A Plan!

To start blogging the right way, set out a loose plan on a piece of paper to bring some order to your thoughts.  A Spider-gram is great for free-flow of thoughts and ideas.  Let it all flow out onto paper or the computer, all of it!  Then edit it all down later.  It is this initial flow that gets all of your inspirations, ideas and thoughts out in the open for you to work with later!

Another great tip is to write the whole thing down in one go! Don’t stop until you are finished!  I find if I stop and leave it to finish another day, I won’t because I get new inspirations or the fire had just gone out on that first one by then.  I saw one tip was to unplug your laptop and let the battery time tick down, it challenges you to finish the blog before the battery runs out so you get a bit of pressure!

5. Now for the Title!

As blogs can sometimes change direction to your first inspiration, don’t write the title until last.  This needs to be compelling and contain the keyword phrase.  You can create curiosity or do a list “10 top tips” there are so many great examples out there if you look them up.

Websites like this really help too!

6. Make it pretty!

Your blog needs to have an eye catching picture, especially if you are going to share it on social media.  It needs to tie into the blog post, catch people’s eye and draw them in to open it up!  For your graphics, there are some fantastic websites to help like to design the posts.  I love this site and spend way too long on here! Take your own pictures or go to to find some great free pictures that you are allowed to use in your blogs. Check your grammar for free using too!

7. Get the word out!

You can’t just sit back and let the readers roll in, you need to get out there and get the audience to you!  Go find your audience, go to the sites they are on, can you become a contributor for that site? Also, go into forums where your blog can help people.  There is nothing like answering someone’s question with your blog!

Get an email opt-in so that people can sign up with their emails and you can send it out to your list.  Later you can monetise this list too. Having an email list auto responder to distribute the emails to everyone on your list is a real must here, it takes the hard work out of managing your list! I have used these guys for a long time now and love them!

Use websites to get the word out too, you can ping loads of sites from one place by using this website.  Send your blog out from here this tells other sites your blog is out.  Share your blog on social media channels too and if you are up to it, make it into a video too and put it on YouTube so that you are on lots of platforms.  If it is great content, hopefully, it will be shared by your audience too!

Re-purposing your blog will give it a further reach, this means you can spread it further in different places in different forms.  Google doesnt like having the same content duplicated, but if it is a PDF it is not seen as a duplicate, so eberyone is happy!  Put your blog it into and make it into a pdf.  Then upload this to and its a fresh place for people to find you and read it like a magazine (flipping the pages!).  You can we have been seeing that the PDFs distributed like this are ranking faster so is good to know!

8. Be consistent

If you do a weekly or daily blog, people will start to expect it weekly or daily!  Make sure you meet your own deadlines and be consistent! Don’t let your readers down!

9. Call to action

At the end of the blog always have a Call to Action.  This can be to buy your product, follow a link or to comment and share your blog so that it reaches more people.  You need a call to action so that the blog has a job and can do the work out on the net for you!  You need your readers to do something, grow your following or buy the product you are promoting!

10. Blogger or Digital Entrepreneur?

Now the question arises; do you want to be a blogger or a digital entrepreneur?  There is a big difference!  You see a simple blog is there to show what you have been doing day to day, talk about yourself or our business and to give people insights.  When you decide to monetize your blog, you become a digital entrepreneur because it starts to bring in all of the sales and marketing skills that any normal business would need!

11. Show Me The Money!

The best way to monetise your blog is through affiliate marketing as the commissions are a lot better on the right products.  This is where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products or services that you have tried or that you believe will be of great value to your readers.  It’s great because you don’t need to buy in stock and store it or have any products yourself at all! Set yourself up as an affiliate for a product that you love and believe in (by going on their website and scrolling to the bottom usually) and you can then get your unique code to promote it and earn a commission on every sale that comes from your blog with that link.

If you start blogging the right way, you can promote anything in your blog and be paid, from books on Amazon, right up to Tesla cars!  You can earn from your blog this way by selling many books and a few pence a sale (sent out to a big list this really adds up) or find the high ticket affiliate products like this one to get larger commissions of $1,000 or more on a sale (I am an affiliate with them and love it).  Represent the right product with a seller who will look after you well, and you will be paid time and time again with repeat sales. A New Lifestyle

A New Lifestyle

Imagine what your lifestyle could be if you could earn a great income from anywhere with only a laptop and an internet connection!  You could soon be taking longer holidays and living life on your own schedule around your family.  It doesn’t just have to be the teachers who can take the full school holidays off anymore!  Pretty perfect if you know how!

Affiliate Marketing can genuinely be a substantial side or full-time income which you can run flexibly around your family and be about your passion.  There is a fellow Mum selling this very product and she earns a six-figure income and managed to retire her husband from a job that he hated!  How cool is that? Another Professional Affiliate marketer earns 6 figures a month with this product suite! A month!! There is no reason why you can’t learn these methods and do exactly the same!

There is a lot to learn, it was this video series which got it all started for me, it shows you how to start a simple online business starting from scratch, is free and offers great value.  They took my blogging to a new level and taught me all of the above and more!  The videos totally opened my eyes to a new way of earning and I never saw the internet in the same light again!  I genuinely love it!

If you would like to see what it’s all about and bring out the digital entrepreneur in you, grab this 30 day free trial here to see what it’s all about, if it’s not for you at least you have explored all of your options and you won’t always be wondering what could have been….


My Mission is to help Mothers make their own living online, to empower and help them become strong, independent and financially secure women.

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