It’s the Small Things That Make Up The Big Things

Today I want to talk about the small things that make up the big differences in your business.

When customers come to you, they are noticing all of the little things and are working out whether they matter to you or not.  Are you thinking about them?

It’s the subconscious things that they are really picking up on, the small details. How clean is your office? How organised are you? What brand is the soap in the bathroom?  Is the toilet paper cheap? If it is cheap, then obviously you are not thinking about their needs. You’re thinking about how much the toilet paper cost!

It’s little things like that this which makes such a difference about what they think about you.  It’s really difficult to remember this when you are running your business because your busy running the business! It’s hard to focus in on these small details.

I read a book by Paddi Lund and he calls these the critical non-essentials. You don’t need these things to run the business, but they are the little things that make up the big things for the customer.

Super Critical Non-Essentials

He also goes on to talk about the super critical non-essentials, and these are the things that give the customer a story to tell about you. If you go the extra mile, really impress them, just surprise them in some places so that they can then go to other people and say those guys were great! They did this or they did that!  They had home-baked cookies, they had little petals and fruit in the ice cubes in my drink and that just surprised me! This then spreads the word of mouth and it’s like a share on social media, but the old fashioned way!

It Is How Customers Judge You

When everything is clean the customer can just feel a little more relaxed around you.  Often when they don’t know how you do what you do, like fix a car or build a website or anything like that, they will judge you on the things that they do understand. So how clean was the teacup that you served the tea in? How good was the coffee? If the coffee was disgusting, they will know that again, you weren’t thinking about them.

Actions speak louder than words

 Things like that just build up the big picture to them, they can see who you are deep down and are underneath.

So having fresh cut flowers around will make all the difference, just brighten the place up, and make sure everything is painted and is clean so it emits the vibe that you are professional in every way, because it is that which makes the big difference.

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