A digital education online is great because it works around you, learn as you go and earn as you learn, whenever you have the time.  It can open up all sorts of doors you never even knew existed which will lead to an income that will also work around you! You can create an online business around your digital skills and passion, and it can be run flexibly around your family commitments, when you have the time, part time or full time!

While you wait outside for your child to finish football club, jump online on your phone and learn some new skills! As long as you have an internet connection and a Laptop or any device, you can work, so it frees you up to work from where ever!  I don’t just mean doing surveys or anything either, you can earn a solid income.

There is a Mum in our digital education community who built herself a 6 figure income with her online business, with little to no advertising budget and managed to retire her husband from the job that he hated!  How fantastic is that!?

It Unleashed My Business

One of the most liberating things I have learnt after only 2 months on my digital education online surprised me.  It was something that had held me and my business back for years.  A bit of a rub really.  It was a skill I lacked which had cost me thousands and I always had to rely on others to build and maintain it.

I have learned to create my own website!  It’s a simple site but I love it, and just knowing I can do it myself is priceless!  I can dip in and out as I please, making changes, adding blogs and changing pictures.  It is so uplifting to finally be able to do this myself!

Website design and creation used to be such a secret art; people in the past have charged thousands to build our websites.  It drove me mad!  I could never quite get my ideas across and felt like I was slightly owned by the ones knew this magic of creating websites!

You Don’t Need To Be Tech Savvy

I used to only use my Laptop for emails, Excel and surfing the internet. I could just about get Excel to add a spreadsheet up!  But now I have started my digital education online I have really learned to harness the internet to make me money, instead of spending money on stuff I don’t need!

The Beginning of Something Beautiful!

I’m the kind of person who has a busy mind.  I’m always coming up with ideas; I buy special notebooks to write my ideas, dreams and goals in. I put it aside to think about the ideas, then life gets in the way (with 2 kids and 2 businesses) and I lose that book.  I get another and write more ideas, dreams and goals down.  Put it aside, lose it and so on!

Well, the other day I actually found one of these books!  Judging by the ideas in there, it was about 3 years old.  It was great to laugh at some of the crazy things in there, to see some of the goals that are now ticked off and to see how far I had come emotionally.  Then I turned the page to see all my ideas for Self Made Mums!  It was called something else, but the idea was the same, from all those years ago!

My Big Idea

I wanted to help Mums and Women get organised money wise, give ways to learn new skills or improve existing skills while they stay at home with the young children, enabling them to return to work after the career gap with better skills then when they left.  Or to help them start their own online business to earn a living from home while bringing up the children.

I want to help Mums keep their financial security and look after their family.  With new knowledge and growth, comes higher self esteem and confidence, I want this for all Mums.  Its good for the mum, the children and the whole family!

“If you educate a man you educate a person; if you educate a woman you educate a family.” Ruby Manikan 

An Impossible Dream… Back Then

The trouble was when I wrote the idea down 3 years ago, I had no way of doing this.  This idea needed a website that would cost money, videos or courses on the site, new knowledge on my part to be able to carry this all out and a way that mums can make proper money from home and on her own terms! That was a lot to ask!

I couldn’t do any of this back then, I didn’t have the knowledge or resources!  I didn’t know the best way to make money from home that a wide range of people could do.  It just wasn’t possible back then.  So the book was closed on that idea and was put aside.

Now I have the tools to do it!

3 years on and it has all changed for me.  I stumbled across a video series that changed everything and blew a whole new world open to me.  I now have ALL the tools and knowledge I need to make this idea a reality. I am on a fantastic mentor-ship education platform which has taught me how to find my audience, market and write effectively, how to find the right mind set and build the online business that I now realise has been incubating for years!

I have a way to help mums make money with high ticket affiliate sales like this and I am learning to do so much more than I thought I could.  I can market effectively on social media, distribute blogs far and wide and create a passive income which feels fantastic!

Now I can do these things for myself, I feel unleashed, unstoppable!! I am gaining the right knowledge to help me start a whole new business to help other women and it feels great!

If you are curious as to how you can make your own living online too, here is the same free video series  that got me started and see what you think!

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