I could almost hear their eyes roll when I invited them to another party.  “What are you selling this time?” As you can imagine, it made me feel pretty awkward! I would like to let you in on an alternative I discovered!

I wanted to stay at home and be there for the children, but also needed to make up my share of the household income too.  I wanted to reclaim some of my independence, you know?   I used to feel so guilty for not bringing in my share.  My husband never said anything to make me feel guilty, but it was still there.

So I looked into products to sell from home like selling Avon, I looked into hosting home-selling parties like Pampered Chef (but I would have bought more then I sold!), Anne Summers, Tupperware, Virgin Make up.  I just felt awful inviting people round just to sell things!  Pretty soon friends and family would start to roll their eyes, feel used or obliged to buy things.  It would make me feel a bit desperate and like I was chasing my tail! I didnt want to feel like a charity!

It didn’t feel like a very good business model as I would be relying on friends and family to keep buying things!  And once they have bought everything, that’s it, they wouldn’t need it again for a while (if at all), so my sales pool dried up very quickly.   You just can’t leverage a business like that, you are limited to your physical network, it can’t really go anywhere!

There is a better way!

Now, you can build your own business without all of that though.  No cold calling, no convincing, no chasing and selling products to friends and family.  In this Digital Age, you can build your own business on the internet following what you are truly passionate about and you will attract people to you from all over the world! People are online all day every day all over the world, you can use that to your advantage.  You are reading this right now aren’t you? This great company has a lot to offer you if you dont want to be selling products to friends and family anymore! This is my mentor who changed it all for me!

One answer to making real money from home is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate what what? I know, I hadn’t heard of it before either, until about 6 months ago, since then a whole new world has been blown open to me.  I had no idea it existed! Let me bring you in on it too!

With this business model, you don’t need to have your own products to sell, just a great idea about what you would buy and why, and then promote it. Part time with no technical skills, previous experience or personal selling required…

Affiliate Marketing is where you sell or promote a company’s goods and services online and then get paid a commission for the sale.  You are effectively the Internet “Middle Man”.  Commissions go directly into your PayPal account or are sent to you by cheque in the post.

Some affiliate programs pay out a couple of pounds, on products, (which all add up when you have grown your list).  Some Affiliate Programs will pay out $1000 or more on their products.  If you chose the right things to promote, you will get substantial kickbacks on high ticket items like this Education program for example pays up to $8000 for a top sale.  Not bad for working from home around your kids right??

Make the internet work for you, instead of just surfing

You can be an affiliate for anything, from Amazon products, MoonPig, Underwear, Mini Motos or big things like Tesla cars! Learn to Build your own Website (Like I did with my Digital Education here) and then run Adwords on you website and Google will pay you.  Make videos for YouTube and monetize them so you get paid when people watch.  Once you start opening your eyes learning how to make the internet work for you, you will be amazed.  It all started me on this path when I saw this video series  I was blown away by it, I could never see the internet the same way again!

Set Yourself Free

The Beauty of this plan is that you can do it from anywhere!  As long as you have your Laptop or tablet, and an an internet connection, you are good to go! So work from anywhere in the world while you travel, or work around your family when you choose to.  I can work at home, at the park or at the soft play centre while Grace runs around and plays, its very flexible and you can choose when and where you work.

Turn your Passion into Profits

You can take whatever you are really passionate about and turn that into profits!  Maybe you have gotten through a tough time, a mental illness perhaps and now know how you can help others now.

  1. Chose a Niche that you understand (someone like yourself is usually best)
  2. Chose some great products to promote that you are already into and join their affiliate program, (some are free to join, some cost money to join)
  3. They will give you an affiliate web link that links your customers to your earning account.
  4. And then find your targeted niche using free or paid advertising methods
  5. Get paid when the buyer clicks through to their site or when they buy the product or service (depends on the kind of affiliation)

What can you do to promote things?

You can write reviews or recommend products through your email list, blogs or on your social media.  You see, traditional advertising isn’t working for companies anymore, for example, I only watch Netflix in the evenings now so I am not seeing the TV adverts anymore.  I am usually on Social media or surfing the net, so how can the companies get through to me now?  Through my interests, by finding me where I am.

If I am reading a blog about something I am interested or I’m on Facebook and the adverts pop up down the side, I will notice it.  Even better, if something is genuinely recommended to me I am quite likely to act on it.

Isn’t the market is flooded with others doing the same?

The clever thing about Affiliate Marketing is that only you know how to talk to your Niche.  Only you have been through what you have been through, learnt what you have learnt or are who you are.  Some big business man wouldn’t be able to talk to a Stay at Home Mum like I could, because he isn’t one, he just wouldn’t think the same way we do!

There can be 100 marketers selling the same thing, but not one of them would sell it the way you would, to the people you chose to target! Every Marketer will have a unique spin and way of putting it forward to the world.  Pretty cool right?

Work Smarter, not Harder

If you want to start making serious money online, you really need to look out for the high ticket sales to really start getting results, and ones that you get a repeat commission on from further sales with the same buyer.  This is a great business model to get involved with because you get paid well and if its a membership, you will be paid monthly or yearly after that too, making it a passive, predictable income which this company will help with and I can personally recommend.

I want to help you get the tips and tricks, learn quickly and get you on your way to earning the most you can around your family, that is my passion!  I am putting together free content to help you do this and have teamed up with my Mentors so that if you chose to take the time to learn how to do it properly, you will be able to use their help and hit the ground running so much faster!

To save you scrolling back up to look for it, it was this totally free video series which got me started and blew me away, it transformed how I looked at the internet and nothing has been the same since!  It explains a lot more and will open your eyes to the possibilities of earning your income online. its a game changer, well it was for me!

undefined My Mission is to help Mothers make their own living online, to empower and help them become strong, independent and financially secure women.

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Kick start 2017 off right, take this time to learn how to make the internet work for you and start making some guilt free money instead of selling products to friends and family!