Returning to work after having children

At some point, the time comes when it is necessary to return to work after having children.  This could be after only a couple of months of becoming a mother, or years down the line.  On this subject, there is a quote that really resonates with me, it says:

 “A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on its own wings, always believe in yourself”- unknown

To me this means you need to have knowledge and training so that you can always depend on yourself, whatever happens.  If you keep learning new skills and staying ahead of the game, no one can ever take that away from you.

You have so many options now!

As Women, we are so lucky to live in this digital time, to be able to have so many options to learn and work online with flexible opportunities to work around our families.  We can learn anything we need to and have a global audience to reach out to and use that leverage to build the business up.  With the right help and tools, the possibilities are endless.  The Internet also brings a more level playing field; we can pay for ads and get things selling just as well as men because it makes no difference who is behind it.

Shift your focus

I’m a mum, and of course nothing has been the same since the first born!  I slowed my business down when I needed to so that I could raise my son Archie.  I worked from home so I could keep the business going around being a mum, but I really started to shift my focus to self-improvement.

I couldn’t work as hard, take calls as easily (children just seem to know you need them to be quiet and erupt into all sorts of noise at that precise moment!) and keep up with the business world like I could, so instead, I took a step back to refocus my energy on strengthening my wings.  I took this time to really educate myself.  If I couldn’t work the same as I could before, I would occupy my mind with learning to improve myself and become more savvy instead!  With strong wings, no matter how many branches snap, I will not fall! I will be ready!

I have taken this time to enjoy and adapt to being a mother and to embrace this new life chapter for personal growth too.  Instead of trying to push though and get a new job as quickly as I could, I have taken this time to bounce back far stronger and more knowledgeable then I was before I left.  After all;

“It’s not how far you fall, but how high you bounce that counts.” ― Zig Ziglar

I am now much more of an asset, I know so much more about different business aspects then I did before.  I now know how to market more successfully, to find my audience online and sell anything to anyone, anywhere!  Sales and marketing is, after all, the lifeblood of any business, and doing it well is such an art.  The beauty of being able to do it online is that there is no face to face rejection or cold calling.  I mainly use attraction marketing now so all of the stressful selling is in the past!

Mind the Gap

I have seen so many mothers take the time off work to raise the children, and then return to work after the children have gone to secondary school only to realise 10 to 15 years have flown by!  The longer they are out of the game, the wider the gap between them and the business world seems to get.  Technology has moved on so far that she feels bewildered and unemployable, it’s heart-breaking.

Take back control now.  Instead of muddling through while you are bringing the children up and then getting back to it later in life, take this time to get stronger, become an expert at something you love or become self-sufficient from home!  You need to keep your skills up and stay ahead of the curve!

Who says you even need to go get a job??

You could gain the skills to

  • start your own business online from scratch,
  • Sell goods online properly,
  • become an affiliate marketer selling other people’s products,
  • become a social media consultant,
  • an online marketing consultant to local businesses,
  • Write E-books

All sorts, you may be thinking “But I cant do any of that stuff!” all you need to do is learn, you can do this, start afresh!  If you have strong skills, you can apply them the best way that works for you and you are then in control, you will be writing your own pay cheque and living your own lifestyle of freedom around the family. You just need the training and someone to show you how!

You don’t even have to go back to your old job!

Create a life you’re proud of!  You know there is something more to life, explore your potential! Take this time to get a bit of perspective,

  • Who do you want to be from here?
  • How do you want your children to see you?
  • Do you want to inspire the children to make their own money, show your daughter its important to follow her passion and to make her own living?
  • How would your life look in 10 years’ time if you don’t take action now to create the life you want?

Take a step back to think what you really want to do in life, or start a digital education which has the scope and flexibility to take you any direction you chose while building a strong foundation of skills and connections.

Return to work after children stronger then when you left

I have taken this time to sharpen my axe and also re-skill too, future proofing my career because I now have added the new Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Strings to my bow! I have a huge insight into marketing online successfully thanks to my mentors and I can put my knowledge to use on a wide range of tasks.  I am applying my new marketing knowledge to my online business, as well as my other bricks and mortar business and am seeing a great result already.  I had never blogged before but I really see the value for a business now and am learning how to make professional videos for my business now too.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”  -Alexander Graham Bell

I can apply the new skills to all sorts of areas and I can confidently stand on my own feet to be a true asset to business other owners and myself.   It’s so empowering to have this knowledge at my side, and once learned, no one can take it away from me! My wings are strong and I can return to work after children more confident, stronger and own it!

Re-skill, get better at what you already do, get the skills to start your own business or take your existing one to new heights, just whatever you decide to do…don’t get left behind! If you are curious as to how you can make your own living online too or learn new skills, sign up to the same free video series that got me started here and see for yourself!

While the children grow, take this time to grow yourself too, so that you can emerge from the cocoon of motherhood as a stronger, more confident, individual… ready to show her true colours!