There are so many reasons to get your Freedom back, and one way to to it is by building an online income when you are a Stay At Home Mum.

“What is freedom? Freedom is the right to choose: the right to create for oneself the alternatives of choice.” Archibald MacLeish

Working online gives you your choices back again, and this brings a rich tapestry of freedoms, allowing you to choose not only where you work, but also when, how and on what.  Not to mention the all important financial freedom you are rewarded with by bringing in your own income again.

1. Freedom

I choose when I work

Being able to earn an online income as a Stay At Home Mum has meant that I can now choose when I work, to fit it around my 2 young children.  It means that I can be here and not miss Grace growing up!

I am here for the children’s big days, like Sports Day, the Nativity play or big football game. Equally, I am also here on the small days when nothing is going on, but they are just important to be here to pick Archie up from school, or hear Grace putting words together and become a little bit more of a character every day.  I am also here for their sick days, when Archie is too ill to go to school, I am at home anyway so we can just go with the flow, there is not the sudden child care juggling or panic that there would have been if I had a job, its not a worry!

“Do something funny!  The camera is rolling!”

You can’t come home and order your kids to be funny, you just have to be present when something hilarious kicks off and go with it!  As Brian Tracy rightly says, spending rushed quality time with your kids often isn’t enough, it is spending long spans of quality time that counts.  It is in these longer spans when something spontaneous, memorable or hilarious can take place.  You just cant force this to happen.  Its one of those, “you just had to be there” kind of moments!

I can also take the time out and go meet friends in the day, go to music classes with little Grace and have lunch with other Mums.  It can be so easy to become isolated both as a mum and working from home so it’s so important to take this time to get out too!

I choose Where I work

As long as I have my laptop and an internet connection I can make my income online!  This means I can work from home which is fantastic, but it also means I’m not tied to the house either!  For example, the soft play centre near us has free wifi, so I can take Grace there, and while she runs her little heart out, goes down the soft slides and plays in the ball pit, I can keep an eye on her, sip my hot chocolate and jump on my laptop.  I would only slow her down in there anyway!

It also means that its not just the teachers who can go away for the full school holidays anymore, as long as I have my laptop, we can go away for the full summer holiday if we wanted to!  I pack my business into my laptop bag and off we go!  There are no constraints anymore!

I choose Financial Freedom

Before I had my online income, we had all our eggs in one basket.  My husband supported the family and everything was fine, but I always had an awful gut feeling about just having one income.

If my husband lost his job for whatever reason, we had no savings and we would have sunk instantly.  I couldn’t let this play out and I just had to take steps towards bringing in my own income to take the pressure off of him and for my own peace of mind.

Now the guilt has gone too.  I am home with the kids, here for the family, but I am bringing in an income too.  We can now afford to save money, go on holiday and show the children (and us) the world.  My income has become a safety net and the fun money too.  I’m so proud to be earning my own money and that have achieved it myself!

2. Job Security

Did you know that 70% of people now have some sort of online income?  Have you noticed shops shutting down on the high street, while  e-commerce is booming?  Everyone is moving online, the internet really isn’t going anywhere!

I only used to use my laptop for facebook and emails, I didn’t really know how to do anything more then get excel to just about add a spreadsheet up.  But now, I have just built my own website all by myself and am super proud of myself for it! (

I now have the ultimate job security because I am my own boss, I write my own pay cheque! I am responsible for my own income and have the knowledge, online tools and mentors to help grow and scale my business up!

“We can create the ultimate job security by becoming less dependent on the organization for which we work and more dependent on our own resources.”          Bo Bennett

I am now reaping the benefits of having taken the time to build a strong foundation of digital sales and marketing knowledge can now use that knowledge to bring in multiple streams of income online as a stay at home mum. I know how to make an online income as a stay at home mum, and it makes all the difference.

That knowledge can never be taken away, I owe it all to my digital education and online mentors who also give me the online tools to fulfil all of the income streams. If you are curious to find out how I learn how to make all this a reality too, follow this link here and you will follow the exact same free video series I did, its awesome!

3. Passion

Becoming a mother changes everything, outlooks, priorities and focuses.  I have taken this time to step back and re-evaluate where I want to take my life from here.  I thought about what I wanted to do for the rest of my career, what example I wanted to set for the kids and how I wanted to provide for them.  I want them to go to great schools, to see the world with us and to have a Mum who has gone out and made her own money so that my Daughter is inspired to do the same. I don’t want her thinking that a husband is a financial plan as Kim Kiyosaki puts it.  I want her to be financially savvy and to stand on her own feet financially, so for her to see that, I need to show her that it is what I do too.

With this work I can follow my passion of helping other Mums become successful too.  I want to show Mothers how they can have the choice not to go out and get a job, that they can be with their children, make their own money online and have the freedom of choosing how to spend their time!

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”   Henry David Thoreau

Mums shouldn’t feel pressured into going back to work away from the kids when they don’t want to. Or to lead their lives in quiet desperation, worrying about losing the single income the husband brings in which supports the whole family, having very few options open to them, feeling helpless, desperate and dependent.

I felt all of this and I genuinely don’t want others to live it too! I felt we were treading water, very quietly slipping further into debt and felt I had no control over my life.  I now feel so relieved to be taking steps, making a plan and making progress away from that time. Again, if you do want to learn more about how I have managed this, the link is here. It wont happen overnight, but thats because its a genuine education and opportunity to learn proven ways to make money online and not a get rich quick scheme!  Its a real way to make an online income for stay at home mums, its genuine and I am so grateful to have found it!